How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp | Pros and Cons

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp? Navigate to the Privacy section within your WhatsApp Settings under Account. Locate the “Read Receipt” feature. Blue ticks will be visible on WhatsApp if the “Read Receipts” are enabled. To deactivate blue ticks, switch off the Read Receipts feature.

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app, introduced a feature known as “read receipts” represented by blue ticks. These blue ticks indicate when the recipient has read a message.

While reading receipts can be useful, how off the blue tick in WhatsApp can also lead to privacy concerns and anxiety in some situations. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through how to disable blue ticks in WhatsApp and explain each point fully.


The “blue ticks” feature on WhatsApp, while designed to enhance communication, can sometimes become a source of discomfort, how to off blue tick in WhatsApp especially when privacy is a concern.

For those who prefer to read messages at their own pace without the sender knowing, disabling this feature is an optimal solution.

This guide is designed to assist you in navigating this process smoothly and swiftly. Whether you’re a seasoned WhatsApp user or a novice, you’ll find these directions easy to follow and implement. Let’s delve into the steps you’ll need to take to turn off those blue ticks and regain your messaging privacy.

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

Understanding Blue Ticks

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp? Blue ticks in WhatsApp serve as read receipts, offering real-time confirmation that the recipient has viewed your message.

They appear beside each message after it has been read, replacing the double grey ticks that signify the message was delivered.

While this feature adds a layer of transparency to your chats, it can also unintentionally pressure you into responding immediately, hence the option to disable them for a more relaxed messaging experience.

Single Blue Tick

Detailing the meaning of a single blue tick, indicating that the message has been sent.

Double Blue Ticks

Explaining the significance of double blue ticks indicates that the recipient has delivered and read the message.

Privacy and Concerns

Discussing privacy concerns and situations where users may want to disable blue ticks.

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

The Pros and Cons of Disabling Blue Ticks

Disabling blue ticks offers several benefits and drawbacks. On the positive side, it provides privacy, allowing users to read messages at leisure without feeling pressured to respond immediately.

However, this feature also eliminates a layer of transparency, as you will not be able to know if others have read your messages.

Hence, it’s a choice between preserving your privacy or maintaining communication transparency.

Pros of Disabling Blue Ticks

Explaining the benefits, such as increased privacy and reduced pressure to respond immediately.

Cons of Disabling Blue Ticks

Detailing the potential downsides, including the impact on communication and accountability.

Method 1: Disable Read Receipts in WhatsApp

Providing a step-by-step guide on how to disable read receipts within WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp

Instructing users to open the WhatsApp application on their smartphone.

Access Settings

It guides users in accessing the settings menu within WhatsApp.

Navigate to Account

Detailing how to find and select the “Account” option within settings.

Privacy Settings

Explain navigating the “Privacy” settings within the “Account” menu.

Disable Read Receipts

Providing instructions to disable the “Read Receipts” option within the privacy settings.

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp

Method 2: Use Airplane Mode to Read Messages

How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp? Explaining an alternative method to read messages without triggering the blue ticks.

Turn On Airplane Mode

Instructing users to enable airplane mode on their devices before opening WhatsApp.

Read Messages

Detailing how users can read messages in airplane mode without sending read receipts.

Disable Airplane Mode

Explaining how to disable airplane mode after reading messages.

Method 3: Use Widgets

Explaining how to use widgets to read WhatsApp messages without triggering blue ticks.

Create WhatsApp Widgets

Instructing users on how to create WhatsApp widgets on their devices.

Read Messages from Widgets

Detailing how to read messages using widgets, which do not trigger read receipts.

Method 4: Third-Party Apps

Discussing the use of third-party applications to disable blue ticks in WhatsApp.

Available Apps

Listing some third-party apps that claim to disable blue ticks.

Risks and Concerns

Highlighting potential security and privacy risks associated with third-party apps.

Communication and Accountability

While the methods outlined above provide practical ways to disable WhatsApp’s blue ticks feature, maintaining open and clear communication is essential.

If you cannot respond immediately, sending a simple message to inform the other party can alleviate misunderstandings.

After all, understanding and mutual respect serve as the foundation of effective communication, transcending technology parameters.

Inform Contacts

Discussing the need to inform contacts about the decision to disable blue ticks.

Setting Expectations

Explaining how setting clear expectations can help maintain healthy communication.

Overcoming Privacy Concerns

Addressing privacy concerns and suggesting alternative approaches to maintain privacy.

Use Chat Archive

Explaining how to use chat archive to hide specific conversations.

Custom Notifications

Detailing how to set custom notifications for specific contacts or groups.

Alternatives to Disabling Blue Ticks

Discuss alternative ways to maintain privacy and manage communication without disabling blue ticks.

Mute Chats

Explaining how to mute chats to reduce notifications without disabling read receipts.

Using Status

Detailing how users can utilize WhatsApp status to share their availability.


How to Off Blue Ticks in WhatsApp? In conclusion, achieving a balance between privacy and effective communication on WhatsApp involves understanding and leveraging its different features. From disabling blue ticks, archiving chats, and customizing notifications, users have many tools at their disposal to tailor their experience according to their needs. Similarly, alternative strategies like muting chats and effectively using status updates provide additional avenues to maintain privacy. Open communication and setting expectations with contacts are crucial in ensuring a positive messaging experience.


How do you turn off read receipts on WhatsApp?

To turn off read receipts on WhatsApp, go to ‘Settings,’ then tap ‘Account’. Next, choose ‘Privacy’ and scroll down to ‘Read Receipts.’ Here, you can toggle the button off. Note that this will also disable you from seeing others’ read receipts. Please remember to keep in mind the potential impact of this setting change on your communication with others. It’s always best to have open and honest conversations about expectations and boundaries.

What do you do if he blue ticks you?

If someone “bluetick” you, it simply means they have read your message but haven’t responded. It’s important not to jump to conclusions; they may be busy or need time to respond. You can send a polite follow-up message or give them some time before reaching out again. Understanding and respect for each other’s communication style is key.

Can I turn off read receipts on WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp gives you the ability to turn off read receipts. However, it’s a two-way street; if you disable your read receipts, how off the blue tick in WhatsApp will you be able to see others’ read receipts either? This setting can be found under the ‘Privacy’ section in ‘Account Settings’. Remember to weigh the pros and cons before making this change.

Are there other ways to maintain privacy on WhatsApp?

Yes, apart from turning off read receipts, you can mute chats or archive them for temporary privacy. You can also use the ‘Block’ feature to completely restrict someone from contacting you on WhatsApp. Additionally, how off the blue tick in WhatsApp there are options to hide your profile picture and status from certain contacts or everyone. Regularly reviewing and updating your privacy settings based on your needs and comfort level is always a good idea. Communication is a two-way channel.

How to Disable Blue Ticks on WhatsApp

Disabling blue ticks on WhatsApp is quite simple. Go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Account’, and choose ‘Privacy.’ Here, you’ll find the option for ‘Read Receipts.’ By toggling this off, you disable the blue ticks that indicate you’ve read a message. Remember, this means you won’t see others’ read receipts either.

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