Instagram Story Change Background Color Without Covering Photo

Instagram Story Change Background Color Without Covering Photo

Instagram Stories are brief, transient posts that disappear after a day. They may consist of text, images, videos, and more. Customizing Instagram Story is crucial because it elevates your content. An eye-catching appearance can draw in viewers. 

Discover how to effortlessly change your Instagram Story’s background color without obscuring the image. Enhance your stories with these simple steps to add personality and visual appeal. For more tech tips, check out our guide on how to change your home address on Maps for iPhone.

Understanding Instagram Stories

Instagram Story Change Background Color Without Covering Photo

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are short-lived posts that disappear after a day. They may consist of text, stickers, images, and videos. The top section of your Instagram feed is devoted to stories. Users can add music, filters, and effects to their Stories. This feature makes updates exciting and quick. 

Features and benefits of using Instagram Stories

Many features, including text, stickers, videos, and photos, are available on Instagram Stories. Adding GIFs, music, polls, questions, and filters is possible. Stories get more visibility at the top of the feed. They are ideal for brief updates and transient content because they vanish after 24 hours. Stories increase interaction with followers by enabling real-time communication.

They facilitate an easy, informal connection between you and your audience. Daily activities and behind-the-scenes photos can also be shared. Analytics are available for stories to monitor views and interactions. This feature is excellent for business marketing and personal branding. 

Common customizations available

Instagram Stories allows you to customize your posts in several ways. Text can be added with various fonts, colors, and sizes. Add stickers such as location ta:

  1. Add imojies, hashtags, and mentions to make stories more interactive. 
  2. Include quizzes, questions, and polls to engage the audience. 
  3. Or a distinctive appearance, add filters and effects to images and videos. 

Use drawing tools to highlight or annotate specific passages in your StoryStory. To set the mood, you can also add music from a sizable library. Use GIFs and alter the background color to create entertaining animations. With these customizations, your stories become more visually appealing and captivating. 

Why Change the Background Color?

Instagram Story Change Background Color Without Covering Photo

Instagram Story’s background color changes bolster personal branding and improve visual appeal. Adding a personalized background to your Story can enhance its visual appeal and draw readers in immediately. It enables you to create a unified look by matching the background to the theme of your photo.

Your content becomes more engaging when you maintain consistency in your visual storytelling. It facilitates more effective message delivery. Customizing the backdrop color helps to fortify your brand identity and helps your audience recognize your stories.

Consistent use of brand colors fosters trust and familiarity. Overall, it gives your stories a polished edge, making them stand out. 

Pre-requisites and Tools Needed

It would help if you had a few things before you could change the background color in Instagram Stories. First, make sure the Instagram app is up to date. Look through your app store for updates.

A tablet or smart phone with a decent screen is also required. It’s crucial to comprehend Instagram UI on a fundamental level. Possesses storytelling and editing skills. Learn how to use the drawing tools and color selections.

Applying these fundamentals will simplify the procedure. Now that you have these requirements and resources, you can customize your Instagram Stories effectively. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Background Color without Covering the Photo

Instagram Story Change Background Color Without Covering Photo

Step 1: Open Instagram and create a new Story

Open the Instagram app to begin creating a new Story. To access the Story feature, tap on your profile picture at the display’s top left. Additionally, you can swipe right from the main feed. Press the bottom left gallery icon to pick a photo. Press the central shutter button to take a new picture. This is the beginning of your new Story.

Step 2: Use the Draw Tool

After choosing or snapping a photo in Instagram Stories, tap the brush icon at the top of the screen to access the Draw Tool. This brings up the Draw Tool and lets you play with the pen size, color scheme, and eraser. You can drag your finger to select a color by tapping and holding the color palette icon, then choosing the background color. You can now draw on your Story by releasing the background color. 

Step 3: Drawing Around the Photo

Use the Draw Tool to choose your desired background color when drawing around a photo in Instagram Stories. Draw around the picture cautiously, ensuring it stays visible and unaltered. Outline the image with a steady hand so as not to obscure crucial details. For accuracy, change the brush’s size and opacity as necessary. Using this technique improves how your Story is told without interfering with the content by creating a personalized background while preserving the main photo. 

Step 4: Using the Eraser Tool (Alternative Method)

You can use the Eraser Tool to make the photo visible in Instagram Stories as a substitute. Tap the eraser icon to change size once the background color has been chosen. To reveal the picture, carefully erase it, preserving the personalized background.

If you need to, take your time and zoom in for accuracy. Work with light, delicate strokes to prevent inadvertently deleting portions of the image. This technique guarantees a professional and tidy appearance, making combining the personalized background with the primary image easy. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

Add theme-appropriate stickers and text to your Instagram Stories to complete the look of your personalized background. Use effects and filters sparingly to prevent changing the background. Use your imagination to add interactive polls, countdowns, or behind-the-scenes looks to your Stories to make them more memorable and captivating. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When customizing Instagram Stories, avoid common blunders. Be careful not to obscure any significant areas of the picture with your drawings or background color. Maintaining visual harmony requires selecting colors that enhance rather than contrast with the image. Keep the design simple; it usually works best that way. Keep sight of the main content while adding subtle enhancements like upkeep backgrounds and elements. You can use these tips to make Instagram Stories that are both visually appealing and productive. 


Review the essential actions for personalizing Instagram Stories:

  • Launch the app.
  • Go to the Story section.
  • Choose or take a picture.
  • Use the Draw or Eraser tools to add a personalized background to the image.

Don’t forget to add stickers and text to the picture to enhance it, and don’t hide any significant details. Try out different hues and effects to discover your look. Go ahead and use your imagination. Post your personalized Instagram Story to interact with your followers and show your personality. Take off with it and use your creativity; your fans will appreciate the personal touch.


Can I change the background color after posting the Story?

No, you cannot alter the background color of a Story once it has been posted on Instagram. Customizing it before posting is crucial because it’s irreversible. 

What if I don’t like the color I chose?

If you don’t like the background color you selected, you will need to erase your Instagram Story and start over with a different one. 

Are there third-party apps for more advanced customizations?

Yes, third-party apps are available to customize Instagram Stories in a more sophisticated way. These apps have extra features like editing tools, effects, and advanced filters. 

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