How to Track a Textfree Number | Contacting Textfree Support

How to Track a Textfree Number

How to Track a Textfree Number:

  1. Navigate to a text app such as TextFree using your desktop browser. · 
  2. Click on the Signup option in the page’s top right corner. · 
  3. Complete the registration process by signing up with your Facebook account.

iStaunch’s TextFree Number Lookup is a complimentary online tool that allows you to effortlessly trace TextFree numbers, providing details such as name, email ID, and country at no cost. Tracking a Textfree number can be challenging, primarily due to the privacy measures put in place by Pinger, the creator of Textfree. However, under certain circumstances like criminal investigations or a court order, how to track a textfree number, the company may release the IP address associated with the Textfree number.

An IP address can provide some information about the user’s general location. Still, precise tracking is only possible with the collaboration of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) used by the Textfree user. Always remember that respecting privacy is essential, and only seek to track numbers when legally and morally justified.


Tracking a Textfree number can be a complex task as Textfree is a virtual phone number provider that offers anonymous texting and calling services.

However, you can take specific methods and steps to attempt to track a Textfree number.

In this comprehensive guide on tracking a text-free number, we’ll explore various methods and techniques to help you track a Text-free number, discussing the limitations and legal aspects involved in the process.

How to Track a Textfree Number

1. Understanding Textfree Numbers

What is Textfree?

  • Textfree is a mobile application that gives users a free phone number for sending texts and making calls.

How Textfree Works

  • Textfree numbers are VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers, allowing users to communicate over the internet rather than traditional cellular networks.

2. Contacting Textfree Support

Inquire About Tracking

  • Contact Textfree customer support and inquire if they can assist you in tracking a specific Textfree number. They might have internal processes for handling such requests.

Provide Valid Reasons

  • Clearly state your reasons for needing to track the Textfree number. Valid reasons may include harassment, safety concerns, or potential illegal activities.
How to Track a Textfree Number

3. Law Enforcement Involvement

Contact Your Local Law Enforcement

  • How do you track a text-free number if you believe the Textfree number is associated with illegal activities or poses a threat? Contact your local law enforcement agency to report the issue and provide them with the necessary information.

Assistance from Authorities

  • Sometimes, law enforcement agencies can request information from Textfree and similar service providers. They can initiate an investigation and take appropriate legal action.

4. Use Reverse Phone Lookup Services

Introduction to Reverse Phone Lookup

  • Utilize online reverse phone lookup services to identify information associated with the Textfree number. These services search public records and databases to provide information about the owner.


  • Text-free numbers might not be listed in traditional phone directories, so the success rate of reverse phone lookup is limited.

5. Social Media and Online Search

Search Engines

  • Use popular search engines to search for the Textfree number. Sometimes, these numbers might be associated with online profiles or listings.

Social Media Platforms

  • Search for the Textfree number on various social media platforms. Users often link their phone numbers to their profiles, providing potential leads.
How to Track a Textfree Number

6. Check Online Forums and Communities

Online Forums

  • Browse relevant online forums or communities where people share experiences or discuss encounters with Textfree numbers. They might have insights or information regarding the number you are trying to track.

Participate and Ask

  • Engage in discussions, explain your situation, and ask if anyone has encountered the Textfree number or has information about it.

7. Utilize Phone Monitoring Apps

Introduction to Phone Monitoring Apps

  • Consider using phone monitoring applications that track and monitor phone numbers. Some of these apps provide location tracking and other features.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

  • Ensure that you are using such apps within the legal and ethical boundaries. Obtain consent if the law requires it, especially if the tracking involves someone else’s phone.

8. Report to Authorities for Cyberbullying or Harassment

Document Incidents

  • Keep a record of any harassing or threatening messages you receive from the Textfree number, including dates and times.

Report to Authorities

  • File a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities, providing them with all the evidence and information you have regarding the harassment.

9. Seek Legal Advice

Consult a Legal Professional

  • If you believe you are a victim of cyberbullying, harassment, or any form of illicit activity linked to the Textfree number, how to track a Textfree number it may be advisable to seek legal counsel. A legal professional can guide you on the best course of action based on your circumstances and local regulations.

Legal Actions

  • Depending on your situation and local laws, you can take legal action against the owner of the Textfree number. Your legal counsel can provide valuable advice on this aspect.

10. Closure and Prevention Measures

Blocking the Number

  • As a preventive measure, consider blocking the Textfree number from your device. This straightforward action can help reduce unwanted messages and calls immediately.

Educate Yourself and Others

  • Raise awareness about the potential dangers and misuse of such free text and call applications. Educate yourself and others on how to handle such situations effectively.

Digital Literacy

  • Develop your digital literacy skills, understand how virtual platforms operate, and learn ways to safeguard yourself online. Having this knowledge can protect you from potential online threats.

Update Security Settings

  • Regularly update your device’s security settings and consider installing reliable security software. These actions can enhance your protection against potential cyber threats.


How to Track a Textfree Number? Tracking a Textfree number is challenging due to its nature as a virtual phone number provider. However, you can attempt various methods such as contacting Textfree support, tracking a textfree number involving law enforcement, using reverse phone lookup services, searching online, or using phone monitoring apps. Always ensure you operate within legal and ethical boundaries while attempting to track a Textfree number. If you encounter harassment or illegal activities, you must report the incidents to the authorities for appropriate action.


How do you find out who’s texting you from the TextFree app?

To determine who is texting you from the TextFree app and how to track a text-free number, you can attempt to ask the individual directly. If this isn’t possible or effective, you may need to engage with law enforcement or the TextFree company. Always remember that any attempts to uncover this information should respect privacy laws and ethical guidelines.

Can you find out who’s texting you from a fake number?

Finding out who is texting you from a fake number is possible, although it can be challenging. You can use reverse phone lookup services, search the number online, track a text-free number, or report the number to your service provider or local authorities. However, staying within legal and ethical boundaries is crucial while figuring out the sender’s identity.

Can a TextFree number be tracked?

Yes, a TextFree number can be tracked. However, this process generally requires assistance from law enforcement or the TextFree company. It is important to note that monitoring a TextFree number or any virtual number should always be done within legal and ethical boundaries. Unauthorized tracking can be considered a violation of privacy laws.

How do you find out if a number is from a texting app?

Identifying if a number is from a texting app can be complex. Typically, these numbers are regular mobile or landline numbers. You might use reverse phone lookup services, which may indicate if the number belongs to an app. However, absolute certainty requires assistance from law enforcement or the respective app company, always keeping within ethical and legal boundaries.

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